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Tyler Reed

Published on May 5, 2020

Was the end of the week and Michael Roman was still a horny slut. He started texting his buds to see who wanted to come over and dump a load in his ass and his first bite was Hans Berlin. Hans walked in and there was Michael eagerly awaiting to get his face fucked and get that German cock hard for his slut ass. As soon as Hans was rock hard he shoves that cock in Michaels surprisingly tight hole but it opened right up for that raw cock and stayed open until he got that fucking load. As soon as Hans pulled out another cock went in and it was.As soon as Hans Berlin deposited his load there was another buddy that responded to Michaels texts to cum dump a load, it was Trey Turner and his fat cock getting shoved in Michaels sloppy used hole. Trey loves sloppy seconds and kept the rhythm going and fucked Michael the way he should be fucked like a slut! As soon ass Trey dumped his load he left Michael to jerk his hot cock knowing he now had two loads up his jock ass. He no sooner finished shooting his load and he starts texting the next slut to come fuck him, Teddy Bryce!

This video was uploaded by an independent producer. Due to the nature of amateur content, it may exhibit suboptimal characteristics. Amateur content is fresh and fun, but please appreciate it for what it is.


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