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Pussymouth's Big Adventure



Posted on July 17, 2023

Join us on Pussymouth's Big Adventure! @theepussymouth @sfbaystudmonkey @JeauxLong @Cyrusx_Xxx @Latinocute_xl Pussymouth wanted to suck a bunch of dicks so a bunch of us guys got together to see if we could help. The result was outstanding! There was fucking and sucking in various configurations. You might have mistaken it for the set of another "Human Centipede" sequel!Even blindfolded, Pussymouth could suck the chrome off a tailpipe, as you'll see from the multiple loads that ended up in his mouth, on his face, and all over his body and the room! We give this big adventure an A+ and we look forward to doing it again soon -- we hope you look forward to it too!

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