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Derek Kage & Sin City Papi


Derek Kage

Posted on January 30, 2023

We finally made this hot and spicy hookup happen. I finally got my hands (and holes) on and around @sincitypapi . We had been trying to set this up since I'm in Las Vegas all the time, but we just kept missing each other! Well the wait is over and yours truly taking one of the biggest XXL dicks I've had in quite some time! ""We almost missed each other in Vegas again since Papi was about to fly to Asia for vacation. I wasn't going to let hip slip away this time and he came straight from the gym right to my hotel room. His scent was so damn intoxicating that I had to remember to turn the cameras on before I ripped his gym clothes off and started getting him hard. The anticipation for this had built up so strong that we immediately started kissing and you can see that Papi is VERY excited that it's finally happening too. The heft of his giant cock was very apparent as I held it in my hands. Everyone knows I love a challenge and Papi's cock was the biggest challenge I've had in recent memory. I wanted that thing all the way down my throat at all costs. I tried from every angle I could think of, but this man's meat is SO BIG that I was beaten! I couldn't get his cock down my throat. It barely would fit inside my mouth. After a bit of rimming and another shot at trying to get him all the way down"I knew the time had come to get my hole ready for the pounding of a lifetime. Papi put me on all fours and slowly worked his way inside me. The head, slowly down the shaft, all the way inside me until I felt his balls touch my hole. This man was going to hit and go past my second hole with every thrust with no mercy at all and I was ready for it. Once my hole finally opened all the way up for him it was time for him to FUCK as hard as he wanted. He had me moaning and groaning with every pump of his massive cock. I twerked on his cock too just to show that my hole was incredibly hungry for him to just use me as he wanted. I think he truly enjoyed me being face down and ass up. It was at this point that he wasn't gonna hold back and tore into my ass like a man possessed. Possessed by my ass and my eager hole. He mounts me and you see his meaty, muscular ass clench with each deep thrust into me. You can hear it in my moans that I'm being fucked into the next life and that I'm loving it. I didn't realize it, but he has the incredible ability to continuously fuck even after he cums! You can see his load start to drip out of my hole and down to my balls and he just keeps going! This man is a machine! He finally stops to catch his breath, but I know he would have still kept going if he wanted to cum again. He had other ideas for this hole though. He wanted multiple turns in multiple positions. While he catches his breath I can't help but enjoy sucking his cock and tasting my hole and his cum on him. When I have a dick that big in front of me I'm going to have it in one of my holes until they finally tap out. I can tell he's ready to go again so I kiss him deep and let him know I'm also ready for more.On my back and with the camera angled right at my hole"Papi slowly slides in and starts to get his dick harder and harder inside of me. You can see my hole grip his massive shaft when he slides out and then right back in. It was such an incredible feeling to be completely opened up by this man. The camera angles are perfect here as you see him stretching my hole out and thrusting as deep as he can go and my hole just TAKING IT. My moans are testament to how well he was digging into my hole as sometimes he would thrust extra deep and I would groan hard, but still just letting him have it. Finally he pins me face down and ass up"his favorite"and mounts my ass. I'm pinned down and ain't going anywhere when Papi starts to thrust as hard and as fast as he can. I'm literally just taking it even though I'm truly getting fucked so hard that my mind started to go blank. That's the kind of man Papi is. He really will fuck you into next week. Hard and fast he thrust and thrust to the point I finally hear him say he's cumming! I arched my ass with so much excitement for him to breed me again. I knew it was going to be worth every drop. He added to his first load and I could feel it all getting pushed deeper into me. I was such a happy man to have two of his loads inside me. So happy that when he pulled out I show off my wrecked and flooded hole for the camera with a couple of winks of satisfaction. Enjoy



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