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Cain Marko

Published on November 18, 2020

The plan was that Harlem Jock that Cain Marko would flip, but as soon as Cain gets his hands on Harlem Jocks big round ass a different story played out. Cain buries his bearded face in Harelms fuck pillows before sliding every inch of his hungry meat inside. Harlem doesnt miss a beat and soon hes backing up on Cains hard member, bouncing up and down, and generally filling his hungry fuck chute as deep as possible. You can watch as these two men are swept up in the ecstatic bliss of androphilic rapture.

This video was uploaded by an independent producer. Due to the nature of amateur content, it may exhibit suboptimal characteristics. Amateur content is fresh and fun, but please appreciate it for what it is.


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