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Chocolate Balls and Stretching Walls


Alex Adonis

Published on October 20, 2020

Hans Berlin knows how to use that thick uncut slab of meat he was blessed with and he's satisfied dozens, if not hundreds, of bareback bottoms who love to get stretched out. However, when it comes to getting fucked, Hans has a thing for black men and big black cock. Right from the start, the chemistry between Hans and Saul Leinad is palpable. The big, black and beautiful bearded daddy primes Hans by sucking his cock and toes but especially his asshole. Saul devours the delectable morsel, all but sending Hans into orbit. When he's done, Saul kisses Hans, swapping spit with the hungry white boy, giving him a taste of his own asshole. Saul goes back to rimming Hans before grabbing hold of that monster horse cock and sliding the entire length inside Hans, who remains hard through the entire penetration. Sinking the entire length of that chocolate brown slab down to the balls, Saul rides Hans, fucking the pig bottom bareback and making him moan like a little bitch. Hans flips himself onto his back and spreads his own ass apart for Saul to take. Once Hans is all stretched out, Saul really goes to town, pumping and thrusting and slamming his throbbing shaft inside Hans, to the balls. And speaking of balls, if you like 'em big, Saul's nuts are like the size of a grapefruit! He edges as long as he can but ends up shooting a creamy load of jizz right into Hans, seeding his hole before fucking the cum out of him. And just wait until you see Saul pull the big uncut monster out of Hans's freshly fucked asshole! Sluuurrrppp!


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