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Black Breeders

Published on September 28, 2017

The early days of Black gay porn mainly reflected the west coast perspective, but once Frank Ross came along the game was changed! He introduced a grittier, natural feeling...and an authentic hardcore raunch that we hadn't seen happen between Bruthas. We humbly pay tribute to this Icon with this adaptation of his classic, Made in the Shade. REMADE revisits the nasty side of NYC, following the Breed on some of their raw encounters. Get ready as we bare all in the Big Apple! As the night draws to an end, our threesome winds down with triple the fun and triple the nut! Rude gets slammed on the sofa until he spills on himself...and Marcus spills inside his hole. Meanwhile, Beef and Magic meet up on the stairwell for a fuck to remember...stay tuned for the final installment!


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