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Black Breeders

Published on March 22, 2016

The Breed has terrorized New Orleans on several occasions, but there's nothing like taking the town over for Mardi Gras. Some of guys were invited to appear at local hotspots, but once they arrive most the action happen offstage! From backstage to backrooms to back home, the Breed brings it to the Big Easy! It's the end of the night and time to put the last ass to rest Drae and Shoota take turns filling Knyght's throat and ass with over 20 inches of treacherous dick. Between the girth of one and the hook of the other, there aint no room for no mercy! They hit the hole so hard that all kinds of love just starts spilling out on their dicks, the couch and the floor...and they just keep going until they unload a gallon of load! The Big Easy has been good to the Breed...and all good things cum in the end!


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