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Black Breeders

Published on October 31, 2015

This is a cautionary tale of men who give into lust and temptation, opening the door to power stronger than they can handle. Their wanton behavior invites the most sinister of energies that crosses them over to the darkside where they become THE EVIL BRED!This anthology features three stories of what happens when passion goes reckless and raw, and your soul (and hole) can do nothing but surrender!Our flick begins with a taste of each tale (and tail) so you can see how these nasty dudes end up at the mercy of their desires. The Grim Reaper cums to curse Kaleb's hole, getting it ready for to take whatever it's given. Meanwhile, Jay is made to humiliate a hole with his piss before taking it and making it his own. And suffering the most for his sinful ways is Marc who has three dicks forced down his throat, getting them wet enough to take his ass tonight!


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