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Black Breeders

Published on October 2, 2014

Every now and then I get a gift, and I've learned not to question it... and just to pay it forward by passing it on. I was about to start a shoot in the basement but needed to get a fresh tape upstairs. Well, no one heard me outside the door, and when I looked in and saw what was happening I couldn't load my camera quick enough. And by the time they noticed, Romero was already releasing his first nut in Marc's deep hole! But don't feel bad because they know the rules... any fucking that happens on my watch ends up on my cam. And the best part, this is shot straight through from beginning to end. No breaks; no edits; just like it went down in the fuckin' raw! Marc "When the fuck did you sneak in?" Romero "I didn't care; I was still gonna get that ass!"


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