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Black Breeders

Published on April 17, 2014

Now, this was one of these 'it just kinda happened' shoots. If you are an original FFM fan you recognize this futon; it's where it all started. It was in more than half our first ten flicks, and has been fucked on by some of the greats! In fact, it's been so worn that the screws have been screwed out of the damn thing. Anyways, Marc and Shoota were helping us pack up the old studio space and the futon and light were the only things left. I went to get the light bag and by the time I came back downstairs, dick was hard; hole was wet; and futon was in for one last ride! These two didn't give a fuck if I saw them fuck and I figured why not share it with the world so I grabbed my camera and pressed record. We didn't even have any lube around; fortunately Shoota got some thick spit! Marc: 'I ain't come over here today for all this.' Shoota: 'You know how long I been waiting for this pussy?! '


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