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Black Breeders

Published on July 11, 2012

You know how it is when you hit the local bookstore or theater. You find cubby holes, benches, or booths where you can get off. You may start off the night with one kat; play with two more; and then some more. You have no idea when you will nut... or who will get it! If you are a voyeur you are on the prowl to see some hot fuckin'... and if you are an exhibitionist you love to let the world see you in action. But no matter who you are... where you land... or who you end up with... if you like to get ya shit off anonymously in public then you know DA HOLE STORY! As the night goes on and the spot fills up there is nastiness going down in every nook and cranny! There's more than 40 inches of dick being swallowed all around, and when Jaylen needs to rest his jaws from sucking 12 inches through the hole he decides to put his other hole to use in the sling. Beef is happy to oblige and rams Jaylen until he drops an ocean of nut in his ass... don't believe me; watch it all run out! Meanwhile, guys are getting dicked all over the place and you may not always know who is throwing dick and who is catching... but you can see it's hot ass fuck! Beef "I love that thick, juicy ass!" Jaylen "I have never had a dick like that... and I can't wait to get more!"


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